Hup, Two, Three, Four…

Beautiful last couple of days in Jeffrey’s Bay and a trip to Cape St Francis.

… then it was onto Port Elizabeth where we stayed with a lovely family we’ll be keeping in touch with and onto Addo National Park. 

We drove ourselves and during for the first hour or so we were pretty chuffed to spot surprisingly dainty warthogs scurrying about, grazing zebr, many, many kudu and a black backed jackal way off in the distance.

After a good while watching these spellbinding animals, we drove on and were just consoling ourselves with the fact that we might not get to see any elephants, when around the next bend we spotted one off in the distance just to the side of the road. He disappeared off quickly into the bushes as another vehicle approached from the other side, so we drove on, thinking ourselves lucky to have seen him at all.  

You’ve got to love an elephant’s rump!

But a short drive further on, we were greeted with the sight of a whole family of elephants by the side of the road. We very nearly missed them but reversed back on ourselves to watch them all chomping their way steadily through the undergrowth and were thrilled as they then crossed the path in front of us and all disappeared off into the the other side…

Well we thought they’d all disappeared off, but we’d been so busy watching what turned out to be the younger ones crossing in front of us, that we hadn’t noticed the huge matriarch who was heading out from behind us dirctly towards our now very small-looking car. I took a couple of hasty snaps then drove off as calmly and as quickly as I could, hearts definitely pounding! 

After calming our nerves from our close encounter, we drove on and were greeted by the sights of a tortoise, more kudu, zebra and warthogs a including one with a spectacular coiff – a great looking skull (probably a kudu), and one lone elephant enjoying a watering hole. 

We stopped at a lookout which meant we could get out of the the vehicle – “at our own risk” (!) So we did, briefly, and saw yet more elephants and yet another epic sign, so clambered back in sharpish.

Lunch was a picnic in a sealed-off area, and we were surrounded by a variety of beautiful birds who were after our crumbs. 

The long drive back to the main gate in the afternoon didn’t disappoint either…

And one more family of elephants to finish off the day perfectly!


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