Mountains and Chameleons

View from our campsite over the Usambara mountains

We spent our last few days in the beautifully hilly and refreshingly cool mountainside of Lushoto in the Usumbara mountains. The views from our campsite, which was attached to a farm lodge, were breathtaking, and more like what we imagine Sri Lanka to be like. We camped in our little two-man tent and and hiked and were very content.

Parts of our hike looked just like Scotland!

Other parts of our hike really didn’t!

Amélie being brave under a scary rock

Again, I was reminded by how people can survive on relatively little means. Small huts made out of sticks and mud, living off their cultivated land, and every inch of the land is used to the best of its capacity. We passed corn fields, potatoes, banana  trees, avocado trees, coffee bushes, papaya, tomatoes, onions and more. They also use every scrap of everything, and often passed tiny women carrying huge bundles of what looked like weeds and grass (perhaps cattle fodder?) back along the tiny paths to their homes.

We were also blessed with seeing a chameleon which had been hiding away in one of the Birds of Paradise plants. None of us had seen one before in the wild before, and we’re thrilled, even when it climbed up into Imogen’s and Tom’s (ahem) hair. It really tried its best to change colour – it certainly went from a bright green to a very dark colour when against my black top.

Needless to say, the kids were very excited!

We really loved Lushoto. A bit of green calm in the otherwise dusty, hot Tanzania. 

A final bus ride to Dar, which was as busy, hot and dusty as Tanzania’s largest city should be, then it was off to the Seychelles for three days for a bit of R&R, and for a decent, hot showers!

We have really loved our first experiences of Africa. It’s been everything and more! 


One thought on “Mountains and Chameleons

  1. So lovely to follow your exploits – very envious! Keep safe and enjoy the next stage in the Seychelles!


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