The idyllic Seychelles (shells!)

Our flight from Dar Es Salaam to Colombo went via the Syechelles, so we thought it’d be rude not to stop for a couple of days just to see what the fuss was all about. 

We saw another amazing view of Kilimanjaro from the plane on the way North from Dar.

And the view from the plane on the Tarmac at as we landed wasn’t too shabby either.

We stayed in Anse Royale in an Airbnb place to cut down the costs and it was beautiful! The views from the two balconies were amazing, over the fruit trees of papaya, banana, mango, star fruit and coconut over to the turquoise sea and rock boulder little islands off the shoreline. There were large fruit bats and mynah birds to entertain us should the view of the trees and the ocean not be enough. 

Mynha bird in a papaya tree


There was an outside shower too (as well as an indoor one which was hot and good and much needed after the showers in Tanzania) and a washing machine! My attempts at hand washing leave much to be desired, so we made good use of the facility here. The airline decided not to load Tom’s bag onto the plane in Nairobi, so he spent the first couple of days wearing the clothes he’d travelled in from Dar. Luckily the sun dries things quickly here! 

The beach at Anse Royale was a ten minute walk from our place which we went to on our first day. We lay under the shade of a coconut tree (but not directly beneath the coconut so), and were able to shake down a fresh coconut which we worked hard to get open but which the kids were delighted to be able to eat and drink from!

We also found a rope to swing from on a coconut tree and an old pallets which the kids used as a raft armed with palm leaves as oars. Luckily their attempts to escape to a desert island were unsuccessful, so they did come back with us at the end of the day but they had a lot of fun trying. 

Just hanging around in the Seychelles

The sand here was a beautiful golden colour but quite sharp and the current was really strong and whisked you down the shoreline if you swam out too far, so we decided to try a much smaller bay nearer to the house the next day and here the sand was so soft and the current was much calmer here as it was protected by large boulders which we enjoyed climbing. The entire little bay was in the shade of some trees which meant the kids could play on it without burning, and it also meant we pretty much had it to ourselves for both days. Perfect! 

An amazing place. And it is affordable if you choose your accommodation carefully, take public transport (sooo cheap though you wouldn’t be able to get on with suitcases) and if do your own cooking, especially if you get your fruit from the trees around you!


One thought on “The idyllic Seychelles (shells!)

  1. I am so enjoying your travels and all the smiles and happy times you are having. Before we broke up I shared them on the whiteboard with the class and they loved the safari and penguins. As I am going to be giraffe class next year I will use the safari pictures to my advantage! X to all

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