Kandy, Kandy market and the road to Pollonawura

The market in Kandy was much smaller and less hectic than the ones in Africa but still colourful and welcoming and we were able to buy all the fresh fruit we could want. 

Before the Perahera in the evening, we walked around Kandy taking in the sights. We visited the Palace Royal Gardens and on the way saw some beautiful flowers, lizards, toque macaques and in the gardens themselves, there were a lot of ‘courting’ couples – clearly a place to escape relatives’ prying eyes. We didn’t stay long!

Imogen took this one – she liked the colours

We then took a walk around the lake and saw lots of fish, birds, large fruit bats, monitor lizards, turtles and a couple of elephants (on their way to the Perahera) before heading back to the guesthouse for a bit of learning and then some ‘down-time’.

Fruit bats hanging from the branches

The next morning was a long, hot bus ride to Pollonaruwa before some heavy rains set in to clear the air a bit –  thunder and lightning, not very, very frightening. 


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