On and Off the Rails in Ella

(Guest Post! Expertly written by Imogen, photos by me

We arrived in Ella at about midday and got a tuk-tuk to our guesthouse. The bathroom there was The Best Bathroom Ever (officially) because it has dolphins and bubbles on the walls, and a hot(ish) shower, unlike most places. The view from our balcony was amazing. There were rolling green hills and it was lovely. 

Lovely room with rainbow-coloured mosquito nets which the children were particularly excited about!

Breathtaking view from our balcony!

That afternoon we walked into town along the railway line.

Lachlan and Amélie a little overexcited to see a train!

At supper time, we went to a fancy restaurant where we had the most delicious looking -and tasting – food. I had a Plain Roti (which is a bit like a thin chapatti), stuffed with pineapple and had honey on top! Amélie had a banana-stuffed Roti with chocolate on top, and Mummy and Daddy had a thing called Chicken Kottu Roti, which is, according to mummy, a “Noodly, Chickeny, Yummy thing”. That night, we went to bed, under RAINBOW mosquito nets!

The next morning, we wandered down towards a hilly, mountainous area, where we walked up the steep and sweaty path to the top, often finding pretty flowers or see-throughish rocks, which we then smashed up into smaller, more crystal-like pieces. The tea leaves, like the coffee beans in Tanzania, don’t smell ANYTHING like tea that you drink – not that I picked any, of course! Then, we wandered back to the guesthouse and had lunch. 

Imogen collecting ‘pretty’ igneous rock

We think this moght be a Crested Serpent Eagle – Brian, can you help?

Then we walked along the railway line to the railway station, where we stopped for 45 minutes. We went into town quickly to get a snack, whilst Mummy and Lachlan stayed there.

Then, a train came rattling past and I pointed it out – and we ran for our lives, and our train! Luckily, we got there in time to get on. It wasn’t very crowded, luckily, and we got good seats and spots by the door for the whole journey! I kept sticking my head out of the window and I got a peek at the second class seats, which had only one privilege better than ours – it had arm rests – talk about luxury!

A sneaky peek into the luxury of the Second Class carriage

Each time we went through a tunnel, everything went pitch-black, but only for a couple of seconds. At some points, when we looked out of the window, it seemed as if we would fall of the train into the waterfalls below – which was terrifying! Quite early on, we crossed over the Nine Arches Bridge. There were, surprisingly, nine arches on it, which we could see before and after we went over. They looked old and dusty, and would probably crumble to pieces – but it didn’t, luckily. 

Going over the Nine Arches Bridge – Ella to Badulla

When, after an hour of staring out of the window and rumbling through the wind, we stopped at a station, we got off.

Our two options were to either wait three hours, and catch a train back, or get on a bus : So we took the bus option.
We found a bus to take us back to Ella. It wasn’t just any old bus, however – it was a little bit pink: only the outside, inside, seats, roof, lights, curtains and even what they sold on the bus was pink. Pink rubber toys, pink candyfloss and strawberry icecream! Eventually, we started moving. It was a nice and not stuffed bus, where we all had are own seats. About three quarters of the way, we stopped. There was steam coming from the engine, which, despite the rest of the bus, wasn’t pink. So, we got off and went in a tuk-tuk to the fancy restaurant. We had chicken kottu and cheese Rotis, and had srumdidlyumptious drinks – Lachlan had banana, Amélie had pineapple and I had lime.

When we finished, we took an awesome tuk-tuk back to our house!


3 thoughts on “On and Off the Rails in Ella

  1. Hi Imogen

    Yes – it certainly looks like an immature Crested Serpent Eagle. Good ID. They do tend to hang around in the middle of trees looking for prey, usually on the forest floor. Not just snakes – anything that moves.

    I’m very envious of you all.

    Keep the posts coming.


    On 19 August 2017 at 04:12, Travels Of Our Family wrote:

    > MadeByYoursTruly posted: “(Guest Post! Expertly written by Imogen, photos > by me) We arrived in Ella at about midday and got a tuk-tuk to our > guesthouse. The bathroom there was The Best Bathroom Ever (officially) > because it has dolphins and bubbles on the walls, and a hot(is” >

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